The Strangest Home Appliance Customer Reviews

We know many examples when a review or review of a product caused a smile or even laughter. We decided to collect the most interesting, weird and funny comments on products from people around the world (well, or we think so.) Consider this something entertaining, although you can also benefit from it.

Home Appliance Reviews: Funny to Weird

Microwave - vain fears of housewives

Many people have reacted with fear and anxiety to the information that the microwave is a source of radiation. Hundreds of thousands of housewives decided to get rid of this kitchen appliance, fearing serious consequences (for example, leukemia, other forms of cancer.) But everything turned out to be much simpler - to get radiation, you need to be inside the microwave oven when it is working. Incl. all this panic is a consequence of ignorance.


The washing vacuum cleaner does not work

I ordered myself a Dyson washing vacuum cleaner, as my old one had already started to junk. When I decided to start using it, I did not understand where to pour the powder, where to pour water, etc. I decided to pour water directly onto the carpet and sprinkled everything with Ariel's washing powder. As a result, the vacuum cleaner just sucked in some water and deteriorated. What is this nonsense?


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